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2018 Cross Country

2018 Cross Country

Results are posted for our home meet on 11/4 at Nottoway Park.

Our fall season is now over.   We will start back up at the end of March for spring track.   

Likely to have Sundays 12-130 at Marshall HS and Thursdays at Pederson Park 530-645 again this year, plus a couple fo days at Madison HS as space is available in June.

Look for registration to open up by January 31st.


Parents: check your email settings at as you only get emails if you allow emails from

or to ensure you get the email subscribe to our email group, just follow the directions below

Want to get on the email list? Send an email to:

Please let us know who you are, as it this is a restricted list and we verify who you are before adding you to the group.
This is a great way to send out a request to get a carpool going or to get updates on meet info. E-mail Coach Craig with questions.




hopefully Mondays at Madison (or Marshall) in June  details TBA

upcoming meets that require pre-registration

no prelim for USATF this year so straight to the association meet:

6-14-17 at PG Sportsplex  USATF ASSOCIATION MEET

each athlete needs a usatf #  (register/renew at  expires at end of year)  this is a big meet with 2500+ athletes at will run long but sometimes they run ahead of schedule too!  weird but true.  A field event may be 30 minutes early or 90 minutes late.   the running events may run up to 30 minutes early and they call them in 45 minutes before.   Good competition, just need a little to a lot of patience!

this meet advances top 8 (in each event/age group) to the regional in Hampton, VA  July 5-8 

From regionals top 5 go to nationals in greensboro NC  July 23-29

Field and Facility Conduct
Dear Parents and Coaches,

VYI has received some complaints concerning the behavior of some parents, coaches and/or children using area sports facilities. While many of these complaints are eventually discovered to be related to other sports that are not related to VYI, we want to ensure our members continue to be respectful of the neighborhoods, schools, and parks that host our practices and events. Some of the specific complaints we’ve received include:
  • Parking in front of neighborhood houses and obstructing resident access
  • Walking through private property
  • Generally disturbing the peace and quiet of the people living around the fields and gyms

As stated previously, we don’t know if any of the incidents reported involve VYI parents, coaches or children but it is appropriate that we establish guidelines so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Anything a parent, coach or player does while attending a VYI activity reflects on VYI and all of us individually.

Use of area gyms and fields is a privilege not a right. VYI has an excellent reputation in the community and because of that we enjoy certain privileges. It is imperative that we maintain this reputation. We are guests in these neighborhoods and must conduct ourselves accordingly.

We will be amending the parents Code of Conduct rules to spell out specific expectations but here are some rules that we must all follow:

  • Parking on residential side streets is only permitted when all lots adjacent to a facility are full.
  • Do not park in the designated SACC (School Age Child Care) parking areas in school parking lots
  • When it is necessary to park on a neighborhood street we must be quiet and respectful of the residents and their property. This means there should be no yelling, littering or trespassing on private property.
  • Never park in such a way as to block a driveway or otherwise obstruct the resident from leaving their home or parking in front of it.
  • Make sure we leave each facility clean and free of trash.
  • Be a leader. If you witness inappropriate behavior intervene and report to a coach or commissioner as appropriate.
We appreciate your support in ensuring that we have continued access to the facilities that are vital to our sports programs.

Vienna Youth Incorporated
by posted 05/01/2010
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